About Us

We began our history in 1933, when Carl F. Bracht, and his partner Francisco Uribe, started a prosperous partnership in Pasto, Colombia.

Under their shared leadership in the region they formed a solid and prosperous family business that has been passed on from generation to generation. The business manufactured candles to provide the region with light, since the sources of electric power did not yet reach the region.

The business is located near Pasto’s “Nariño Square” on the banks of the river Blanco.

Inside, we find melting vats for paraffin and moulding machines, of German origin, to produce candles of different sizes and formats.

Finished product was initially distributed on horse carts, then by trucks, to the distributors in the different towns and villages near the city.

Over time, the production and distribution channels have improved. Greater demand in the region has been met by increasing production and manufacturing of new lines of decorative products.